Designed in Melbourne and led by a team of creative experts, Sass Clothing looks to influencer fashion and street style trends for inspiration that translates into unique and beautiful garments. A passion for creating trend-driven and affordable fashion is what drives the brand forward - Sass Clothing is ever-evolving, just like the girls' that love to wear their clothes.
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Pepper Space Jumper
Regular price $99.95
  • Rainbow Marle
Kirsha Jumper
Regular price $79.95
  • Blush
  • Tan
  • Blue
Roxy Blazer
Regular price $119.95
  • Abstract Print
  • Chocolate
Pepper Space Cardi
Regular price $99.95
  • Rainbow Marle
Alessia Reversible Long Puffer Jacket
Regular price $139.95
  • Chocolate Floral/Pink Cheetah

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